About GreeNova Services

With a strong IT background, we focus on making complex things simple and bringing costs down by leveraging solutions and implementing clear processes. This means:

  • We understand, implement and run complex business processes
  • We’re able to support different levels of outsourced scenarios
  • We enable competition between vendors by managing the processes and interfaces

For each project we find the best mix of standard software and individual development, based on your current infrastructure. We provide resources on different levels, fitting the needs of your project – and not vice versa. We want to understand you.

Our Network

Portfolio and services

Take full advantage of our experience and minimize your risks.

We have several subsidiaries and joint ventures in Europe, Asia and North America. Therefore we can seamlessly support your needs across all time zones if necessary. We build development and operational teams depending on the needs of your project: from consulting to a complete outsourced service. That means that we can run the whole solution in the cloud or in our data centre. In particular IT security is one of our main focuses. We have own certified experts in data privacy and security.

IT Perspective

  • We have the ability to meet any gap in your skillset
  • We can quickly and flexibly scale up and down
  • We analyze complex business processes and systems
  • We have many years of experience in multiple technologies

Operation Model

  • We can extend your team
  • We can manage your team
  • We can even run the solution

Digitalization & Big Data

Digitalization and Big Data offer unlimited possibilities - if you know how to use them!

The trends of digitalization are clear: everything that can be digitized, networked and automated will be digitized, networked and automated. Changing situations require immediate reactions, based on all data available at the time. Thanks to digitalization, companies have an enormous amount of data available. But dealing with Big Data is complex because there is no unimportant information. Our goal is to provide tools and services for your business to combine, analyze and evaluate Big Data so you gain the right insights, conclusions and - above all - competitive advantages.

  • Having the right information
  • in the right place
  • at the right time

Cloud Computing

Moving from traditional IT resources to cloud computing is a big transition, but it offers a host of benefits

Cloud computing revolutionized how businesses operate, providing remote access, increased speed, performance and new levels of flexibility. Cloud services vary from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) via Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) through to Serverless computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The right solution depends on the scale and scope of your business. We advise and support you in this transition and help to find the right cloud provider to pave your way in the cloud seamlessly and securely.

  • Cost-efficiency through software on an on demand basis, no purchase of licences.
  • Better protection against unauthorized data access and permanent access compared to the company's own network.

Business Process Outsourcing

Today’s ever-changing, highly competitive business climate requires high flexibility and adaptability of business processes.

Many businesses opt to outsource processes and turn to third-party vendors like us. We analyze business processes and elaborate the most effective and efficient solutions to meet your specifications and requirements. Over the years our services have continued to grow. We offer an extremely wide range of functions, including back and front office operations at the highest level of expertise to ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully.

  • Each process is unique, we treat it this way.
  • Benefit from end-to-end services including IT infrastructure and services, regulatory compliance, order management, customer-related services as well as payment solutions.

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